SS Scientific Ltd

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SS Scientific Ltd has the experience and expertise to offer best practice in the vacuum industry, focussing on the design, manufacture and distribution of precision components and instrumentation, along with providing a full range of consumable, spare parts and service products.

   Acota Ltd

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Majoring on Precision Cleaning you can meet our technical team who can advise you on forthcoming regulation changes, selecting products to meet particular specifications or how you can improve performance and/or reduce cost in your current cleaning process.

Our wider range includes surface coatings, additives, thermal management fluids and surfactants, which are distributed in industries as diverse as aerospace, medicine and automotive.

     UHV Design

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UHV Design Ltd. specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of high-quality, low maintenance, manipulation and heating/cooling solutions for vacuum applications. Our products are used in the high and ultra-high vacuum markets for materials research and find applications in diverse fields such as thin film deposition and modification, surface analysis instrumentation and synchrotron beam conditioning and diagnostics.

     Agilent Inc

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You need a vacuum solution that instills confidence in even the toughest applications. Agilent is committed to becoming the supplier you trust to deliver that confidence.

Picking a pump that meets your specifications is an important first step. But ensuring stable, long-lived vacuum doesn’t end there. You need a solution that reaches beyond the pump—a solution that incorporates new thinking, deep applications experience, and unparalleled product delivery and support.

Our quest is to transform every aspect of the vacuum solutions we offer, to ensure they meet the demands of today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

Agilent Vacuum Products Division (formerly Varian) is a world leader providing total vacuum solutions for science and industry for over sixty years.  We provide dry vacuum from the ground up, from rough vacuum to UHV, as well as the vacuum measurement instrumentation and leak detection you need to stay up and running.
New Products: TwisTorr 305 Turbo Pump, HLD leak detectors, IDP dry scroll pumps, TPS turbo pumping systems, VacIon ion pumps and more.


Henniker Scientific Ltd

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Henniker Scientific is a leading supplier of instruments, systems & technologies for vacuum science, thin film deposition, UHV surface analysis, plasma surface treatment & mass spectrometry applications.

At Henniker we have more than 25 years first-hand experience in delivering and supporting academic and industrial users with the highest specification vacuum fabrication and analytical techniques. Our products range from simple but useful USB powered vacuum chamber LED illumination devices to complex multi-technique cluster deposition systems. If we don't have what you're looking for, we will always be happy to advise you and offer our services where we can.

Instruments: ion and electron sources, UV sources, X-ray sources, mass spectrometers.
Hardware: Multi-axis manipulators, sample transfer and sample heaters/cooling.
Systems: Bespoke multi-technique deposition (thermal evaporation, sputtering, PLD) and analysis (XPS, SPM, SIMS, LEED, Auger) techniques.
Controllers: Bakeout, sample heating, deposition rate control, vacuum pump group controllers.

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