Tuesday 2 June

Session I. An introduction into vacuum system design (Dr. Oleg Malyshev, ASTeC, STFC Daresbury Laboratory)

  • Basics of vacuum gas dynamics
  • Materials in vacuum
  • Vacuum “enclosures”
  • Real things in vacuum
  • Adsorption, absorption, desorption (thermally and particle bombardment induced), diffusion and permeation, sticking probabilities etc.
  • Throughput, pumping speed and vacuum conductance
  • Simple pump-down calculations
  • Examples

Session II. Materials for vacuum, connections, joints and sealing (Dr. Richard Pilkington, The University of Salford) 


  • Metals, Ceramics, Glass, Other materials
  • Metal-metal
  • Welding: TIG, e-beam, laser, friction etc.
  • Brazing
  • Explosion bonding
  • Ceramic, Metal-ceramic joints
  • Glass
  • Types of vacuum seal (ISO, ConFlat, etc.)

Wednesday 3 June

Session III. Vacuum gauges and RGAs (Dr. Ron Reid)

  • Which gauges are suitable for rough, medium, high and extreme vacuum
  • Common problems with gauges and RGA’s (eg. filament contamination)
  • Gas dependence of gauges – how this affects their accuracy
  • Calibration of gauges and RGA’s

Session IV. Vacuum pump and valve operation and maintenance (Dr. Sunil Patel, ISIS, STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory) 

  • What pumps and valves are best for rough, medium, high and extreme vacuum
  • Why carry out regular maintenance
  • Which pumps / valves can be serviced easily and which ones require more specialist skills and equipment
  • Hints and tips on servicing and maintaining scroll, rotary, ion pumps and valves (with practical demonstration where possible)

Thursday 4 June

Session V. Cleaning, cleanliness and surface treatments (Dr. Keith Middleman, ASTeC, STFC Daresbury Laboratory)

  • Basics – what are you trying to achieve – and why – what is clean
  • Options:
  • Aqueous, Solvent
  • CO2 snow, Bead blasting
  • Glow discharge
  • Vacuum firing
  • Ex-situ bakeout (prebaked vacuum chamber and component)
  • In-situ bakeout
  • Surface treatment:
  • Etching, Mechanical and chemical polishing
  • Coatings for low outgassing
  • Low SEY coating
  • NEG coating
  • Storage
  • What happens is no bakeout possible?

Session VI. Leak detection and how to fix vacuum leaks (Dr. Graham Rogers, Leybold Vacuum) 

  • How a vacuum leak detector works
  • How to carry out a leak test (hands on practical demonstration)
  • How to fix vacuum leaks

Friday 5 June

Session VII. Vacuum system design – practice project (Dr. Andrew Chew, Edwards Vacuum) 

  • What the system for? What Specification?
  • Initial consideration on vacuum system layout
  • Modelling
  • Conclusions (type of pumps, pumping speed of each, …)
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